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Project Management Professional (PMP)

PMP_Project Management Professional

Thời lượng: 32 giờ | Ngày khai giảng: 21/03/2020 | Ngày học: Thứ 7 - Giờ học: 8:00 - 17:00
  • Follow PMBOK 5th edition, The course focuses on principles, methodologies, techniques, and tools to effectively engineer, plan, design, monitor, and manage projects for complex system and product development, including change and risk management.
  • Following a brief review of techniques such as critical path method (CPM), and PERT, we introduce tools in Project Life Cycle Management, which calls for integrating the project to improve both the performance and the quality of the delivered project.
  • A combination of industry-standard and advanced tools is applied by students to develop team mini-projects in their area of interest in order to gain insights into the value of model based project management.

If you’re an experienced project manager responsible for all aspects of project delivery, leading and directing cross-functional teams, then the PMP is the right choice for you.


  • Understanding the guiding principles of engineering and managing projects.
  • Acquire working knowledge of project planning and monitoring techniques including PERT, CPM, WBS.
  • Understand the significance of integrating project and project lifecycle model.
  • Gain experience in conceptual modeling of a project that delivers it.
  • Analyze strategic, tactical, and operational perspectives of project management.
  • Understand reasons for project schedule and budget overruns and how to avoid them.
  • Get introduced to change and risk management in project and effects on the project.
  • Become hands-on-experienced in engineering a system project.


High school diploma / global equivalent 5 years project management experience / 35 hours project management education OR Bachelor’s degree / global equivalent 3 years project management experience / 35 hours project management education

  • Topic 1: Introduction to PMBOK5th dition
  • Topic 2: Project Management Processes
  • Topic 3: Project Intergration Management
  • Topic 4: Project Scope Management
  • Topic 5: Project Time Management
  • Topic 6: Project Cost Management
  • Topic 7: Project Quality Management
  • Topic 8: Project Human Resource Management
  • Topic 9:Project Communications Management
  • Topic 10: Project Procurement Management
  • Topic 11: Project Stakeholder Management