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Information technology infrastructure library foundation (ITIL_Ver 3.0)

ITIL_Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundation V3

Thời lượng: 24 giờ | Ngày khai giảng: 17/03/2018 | Ngày học: 7 - Giờ học: 08:00-17:00

24 hours

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3 is the current version of the most widely adopted best practice framework for IT management. Achieving the Foundation Certification represents clear demonstration that you can contribute to improving the maturity of an IT organization.

In this course, you take the ITIL v3 Foundation Certification Exam on the final day of class. The unique structure and format of this course follows the guidelines of the testing body and provides comprehensive coverage of the ITIL v3 Foundation Certification Exam topics. 

Those who want to achieve ITIL v3 Foundation Certification. General IT knowledge is assumed.

IT consultant, Head / Staff IT / Infrastructure, Software Developer, IT Specialist IT development process, Expert system integration, Sales Manager, the IT service providers.

  • Basic understanding of ITIL and the effects of ITIL for IT service management.
  • How to develop and use ITIL in organizations, company…
  • Understand the role of leadership in the application of ITIL.
  • Describe the practical problems and costs associated with implementing IT service
  • This course helps you prepare for the following ITIL v3 Certified exams

ITIL Foundation Certification

  • Basic knowledge of  IT
  • Working knowledge of IT


  • The Four Perspectives (Attributes) of ITSM
  • Benefits of ITSM
  • Business and IT Alignment
  • What is ITIL®?

Common Terminology

  •   What are Services?
  •   Processes & Functions

The Service Lifecycle

  •  Mapping the Concepts of ITIL® to the Service Lifecycle
  •  How does the Service Lifecycle work?

Service Strategy

  •  Objectives
  •  Major Concepts
  •  Service Strategy Processes
  •  Service Strategy Summary
  •  Service Strategy Service Scenario
  •  Service Strategy Review Questions

Service Design

  •  Objectives
  •  Major Concepts
  •  Service Design Processes
  •  Service Design Summary
  •  Service Design Scenario
  •  Service Design Review Questions

Service Transition

  •  Objectives
  •  Service Transition Processes
  •  Service Transition Summary
  •  Service Transition Scenario
  •  Service Transition Review Question

Service Operation

  •  Objectives
  •  Major Concepts
  •  Service Operation Functions
  •  Service Operation Processes
  •  Service Operation Summary
  •  Service Operation Scenario
  •  Service Operation Review Questions 8

Continual Service Improvement

  •  Objectives
  •  Major Concepts
  •  Continual Service Improvement Processes
  •  Continual Service Improvement Summary
  •  Continual Service Improvement Scenario
  •  Continual Service Improvement Review Questions 9